LIPO-6 INTENSE High Performance BCAA + Energy | Nutrex – ( 30 Servings )


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Muscle-Building Super Fuel
PLUS Energy

LIPO6 BCAA INTENSE is the BCAA + Energy formula intensely training athletes have been looking for! With a full 6g of BCAA in the research-proven and natural 2:1:1 ratio, it primes your body for optimum muscle growth, strength, performance, and recovery.

The added 125mg of natural caffeine from InnovaTea®, provides a clean boost of energy and focus to help you power through intense workouts.

This high-performance formula is perfect for consumption before or during your workout.

Anytime Energy & Recovery

LIPO-6 BCAA INTENSE isn’t just for training days. It’s great for anytime consumption to boost muscle recovery and energy. No matter if it’s an exhausting work day or to keep you alert and focused while cramming for an exam, this formula keeps your brain alert and your muscles well-fueled.


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