BAMF High Stimulant Nootropic Pre-Workout-30 Servings


The world’s first TRUE nootropic pre-workout to help you reach Da-Vinci level focus.

Not only is it formulated to help deliver everything you’ve come to expect from us — energy, endurance, pump, and performance* –but it also features three brain-boosting ingredients to help promote mental sharpness, deliver hyperfocus, and improve mind-muscle connection.*

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Why that’s important: Any elite performance is an outcome of your brain melding with its synapses so they’re firing synergistically, commanding your body — muscles and all — to achieve the performance you demand of it — and yourself.* Listen up BAMF, it’s time to meet your demands.

Benefits You Can Trust:

    The Fire and the Flames (Dragon Fruit)
    Breezy Blast (Pineapple – Cranberry -Rum Cocktail)
    Blue Raz-berry Beret (Blue Raz- Lemonade)
    Gym N Juice (Grapefruit – Citrus)
    Jungle Juice (Mixed Berry)
    Kiwi Do You Love Me? (Strawberry Kiwi)
    Mai Tai (Orange/Lime/Rum) (Out of Stock)
    Make It Rain (Blood Raz – Blue Raz – Plum & a hint of Apple)
    POG (Passionfruit – Orange – Guava)
    Pump N Grind (Grape – Green Apple)
    Strawberry Watermelon*
  • Mind-Muscle Connection*
  • Energy*
  • Endurance*
  • PUMP*
  • Hydration*

Leave the distractions in your gym bag. They have no place in your training. There’s only one thing that matters here — your goals.


The Fire and the Flames (Dragon Fruit), Breezy Blast (Pineapple – Cranberry -Rum Cocktail), Blue Raz-berry Beret (Blue Raz- Lemonade), Gym N Juice (Grapefruit – Citrus), Jungle Juice (Mixed Berry), Kiwi Do You Love Me? (Strawberry Kiwi), Mai Tai (Orange/Lime/Rum), Make It Rain (Blue Raz – Plum & a hint of Apple), POG (Passionfruit – Orange – Guava), Pump N Grind (Grape – Green Apple), Strawberry Watermelon


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